Bob Perez Inks Deal With Major Franchise Total Nutrition

HOUSTON – The Bob Perez Brand has finalized a deal with supplement franchise “Total Nutrition” to distribute the Bobs ‘Stache collection of CBD edibles and topical creams. The products are themed after respected UFC coach Bob Perez which is infamously known for his handlebar mustache. He is currently training with heavyweight Derrick Lewis and various UFC champions.

Bob’s products range from on the go breakfast bars to sweet gummi mustaches that refresh with a mildly tangy mandarin orange flavor. Packing 60mg of pure CBD in each gummi or edible bar for athletes and fighters looking to ease into muscle recovery with a calm and easing sensation. Each product is 100% THC free, which the federal government describes as a cannabis product with under 0.3% levels of the chemical that gets you “stoned”.

All Houston locations will be fulfilled by the end of Q3 of 2019 and the franchise will host a meet and greet in their Houston location in midtown to debut the new products. The public is invited to come meet the UFC Trainer as well as invited special guests. Samples will be available on a first come first served basis during the in-store event.