Respected UFC Coach Launches CBD Brand For Fighter Recovery.

HOUSTON – The fight world is a brutal sport that can change your life in the blink of an eye. Fighters endure pain and fatigue daily as they train for their next big fights. Amateur fighters can fight countless matches before they get signed by a big professional promotion.

As a fight coach, Bob Perez has taken his share of injuries and daily pounding to his body by MMA champions. He has been on UFC pay per views with heavyweight Derrick Lewis also known as “The Black Beast”. This particular fighter is known for his “unhuman-like” punching power that has won him multiple knockout victories.

Bob Perez has endured 12 painful surgeries to heal his body in between fighter training camps. After trying CBD (Cannabidiol), he was able to recover from pain and bruises faster while regulating his sleep quality. This inspired the new venture into the CBD (Hempseed Oil Products) industry to help his fighters in and out of the cage. He considers himself an “anti-opiate” and champions natural methods in treating pain and sleep discomfort.

His company “Bob Perez Brand” will introduce itself in edible products such as gummy mustaches, granola recovery bars, rick crispy treats, and protein sugar cookies. The plan is to ultimately release more products like oils, creams, and vape cartridges under the banner “Bob’s Stache”. A product launch party will be planned and announced in the month of May.