UFC Coach Bob Perez Launches CBD Ambassador Program For Fighters

UFC 247 is coming to Houston, TX on February 8th at the Toyota Center featuring Heavyweight Derrick Lewis, Women’s Flyweight Lauren Murphy, and Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in the main event. Lewis and Murphy are both trained by Coach Kru Bob Perez. They are often found training at Main Street Boxing Gym in downtown Houston. Bob Perez has attracted new talent to the gym and a younger generation of MMA talent.

The great news is that Bob Perez has launched a program to enroll Brand Ambassadors for the CBD Brand “Bobs ‘Stache”. Now selected fighters have a chance to earn 20% commission on products that they sell online using a special referral link. Fighters will be registered on our website (https://bobperezbrand.com) and will have access to a dashboard displaying the traffic they attract and the commissions they earn. This is a great thing for everyone as up and coming fighters search for sponsors and opportunities to monetize their fighting talents. This opportunity allows us to grow together while building a legitimate grass roots movement and company.

The CBD industry is growing every day and facing new regulations every few months. Make no mistake, Bobs ‘Stache is a compliant company from the labeling, the marketing and the CBD formula that contains less than 0.3% THC which is the compound that creates eupohoria and is tested for on drug tests. The Federal Government states that CBD products may not contain anything over 0.3% THC and may not make any false therapeutic claims to avoid trouble by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). There have been multiple headlines about companies coming under fire for selling counterfeit products that sometimes do not contain CBD. We have a dedicated team to ensure that we remain compliant while maintaining product quality control to diminish the chance of any future class action lawsuit.

Our products range from CBD gummies, CBD body balms, and a crispy CBD chocolate mustache which is now a limited time specialty item. Our orange flavored gummies contain 600mg of pure CBD infused with “Blue Dream” terpenes per box. Our CBD body balms contain 250mg of pure CBD and made with organic shea butter that slightly glitters from the “Blue Dream” terpenes. Fighters rub the body balm into areas that are inflamed or mildly injured to achieve quick acting relief. All of these products are available for purchase on the website and are shipped all over the world.